Unseen iPhone 5 Apps

Unseen iPhone 5 Apps

Have you ever thought that what your iPhone can do imagine ,if your iPhone tell you who is calling ,means no Unknown calls , now you can check that what your friends do with your iPhone in your absence.There are many other  apps that are not available in Appstore which are very useful and exciting which will make your iPhone superior then others.

Top 5 Unseen Apps

Unseen iPhone 5 Apps

1. No Unknown Calls

Get details of who is calling you .This basically check online for the information of caller While ringing of phone and even automatically adds  a pic of calling person (if available).

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2. Send and receive files via Bluetooth to any Device.

Now you are not stuck to Sending and Receiving files from Apple Products only , after purchasing this software you can Share files with any PC , Phone or any Bluetooth enabled Devices .

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3. Textify any Article.

Whenever you read an Article on Web and like copying it or saving a part of an Article from a Website but you can’t do this with normal iPhone after purchasing this you can so , Hurry Buy it now.

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4. Lend GPS to Camera.

Use your iPhone’s GPS as your camera’s location identifier mean’s ,you can use your iPhone’s GPS system to tag Photo’s and even share them with social networking sites like Facebook,Google+ etc.

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5. Spying an iPhone.

Ever Wondered what your children do with your iPhone in your absence , Get detailed logs of calls,sms, GPS etc.

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