Unseen iPhone 5 Apps

Unseen iPhone 5 Apps

Have you ever thought that what your iPhone can do imagine ,if your iPhone tell you who is calling ,means no Unknown calls , now you can check that what your friends do with your iPhone in your absence.There are many other  apps that are not available in Appstore which are very useful and exciting which will make your iPhone superior then others.

Top 5 Unseen Apps

Unseen iPhone 5 Apps

1. No Unknown Calls

Get details of who is calling you .This basically check online for the information of caller While ringing of phone and even automatically adds  a pic of calling person (if available).

Download here

2. Send and receive files via Bluetooth to any Device.

Now you are not stuck to Sending and Receiving files from Apple Products only , after purchasing this software you can Share files with any PC , Phone or any Bluetooth enabled Devices .

Download here

3. Textify any Article.

Whenever you read an Article on Web and like copying it or saving a part of an Article from a Website but you can’t do this with normal iPhone after purchasing this you can so , Hurry Buy it now.

Download here

4. Lend GPS to Camera.

Use your iPhone’s GPS as your camera’s location identifier mean’s ,you can use your iPhone’s GPS system to tag Photo’s and even share them with social networking sites like Facebook,Google+ etc.

Download here

5. Spying an iPhone.

Ever Wondered what your children do with your iPhone in your absence , Get detailed logs of calls,sms, GPS etc.

Download here

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iPhone 5S Release Date, Features and Price Rumors Round up

iPhone 5S Release Date,Features and Price Rumors Round up

This article Round Up’s the whole rumor around the world about iPhone 5S release Date, Features and Pricing , I have researched a lot and then I was able to write this article OK first of all i will talk about the Release Date.

Many blog’s posted that Apple is going to Release the iPhone 5S in June ,according some blogger’s Apple is going to Release the iPhone 5S in September but according to my research Apple is going to release there iPhone 5S in Mid July and you already may know that the production of iPhone 5S has been started.
This was confirmed by Misek’s latest information.He also say’s that iPhone 5S will hit the market in June but I disagree to this news and according to me iPhone 5S will hit the market in July.

iPhone 5S


1. Display
Now a day’s big displays are playing very important role in Smart Phone Industries so keeping
this in mind and requirement of customers Apple will increase the size of the Display of iPhone 5S
to 4.8 inches.
Apple have been using Retina Display in their Products but this year Apple may be planning to
change their display to IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) which was on released in CES 2013 by Sharp.

2. Storage
According to Misek Apple will expand the memory capacity of their Product ranging from 16GB to 128GB.
This will enhance the user’s experience and expand the Storage of large file in compact devices.

3. iOS 7
iPhone 5s will come with the latest iOS from Apple Inc. this new iOS will be a surprise for with all new redesigned User Interface. Apple is working hard to make this iOS more smooth and fast .It should come with new features that can compete with Android.
4.  NFC
Report also says that iPhone 5s will come with near-field Communication (NFC)  .It has already seen  in many Android devices but it is not present in iPhone 5.So it seems that Apple will include (NFC) to compete in the market.

According to the reports that I have collected Apple is planning to include a fingerprint scanner in their latest Smart Phone. It is assumed that this Fingerprint reader will be used to authenticate NFC payments ,this will make iPhone 5s a secure way to pay for things.

5. Colors

New 5s will be available in many attractive colors as Apple launched their iPod 5 gen with choice of many colors Apple will continue with their Smart Phones also with will make their device more attractive for color lovers.

iPhone Jailbreak tool redsn0w 0.9.15b4

iPhone Jailbreak tool redsn0w 0.9.15b4

This tool will Jailbreak iPhone 4S with just a simple click. Just download the redsn0w .

iPhone Jailbreak Redsn0w

Password : iphone5jailbreak

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iPhone 5 jailbreak tool (evasi0n)

iPhone 5 jailbreak tool (evasi0n)

Everyone was waiting for the iPhone 5 jailbreak ,Now the wait is over iPhone 5 jailbreak arrived it is alright here the tool for iPhone 5 jailbreak is evasi0n, the team launched the tool on 4 Feb 2013  for iOS 6.x,6.1 running on iPhone 5.The best part is that the Jailbreak is untethered this jailbreak supports all the the devices listed below:

iPhone 5 jailbreak tool

iPhone 3GS
iPhone 4
iPhone 4S
iPhone 5
iPad 2
iPad 3
iPad 4
iPad mini
iPod touch 4th generation
iPod touch 5th generation

Download the tool according to your Platform

For Linux download Evasi0n.

For Windows evasiOn.

For Mac evasiOn.

After Downloading Please check  Readme file which is provided, check that BEFORE JAILBREAK.
Enjoy .

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Steps to Jailbreak iPhone 5

Steps to Jailbreak iPhone 5

So finally iPhone 5 jailbreak is here after so much wait but now your wait is over,By following these easy Steps you can jailbreak your iPhone 5 running iOS6.

Note :We are not responsible for any Damage caused .

Download the tool from here

Jailbreak iPhone 5

  1. First of all Download Files for your iPhone 5 from above list.
  2. Set your Apple iPhone 5 to DFU mode by Holding  Home+Power for 10 seconds, release Power but still holding Home for more 10 seconds. The screen should remain black.
  3. Open the RedSn0w 0.9.15b1 which is included in downloaded files.
  4. Now click jailbreak .Some items will load, after that you will see “Please Select Your Options”.Ensure that install Cydia is checked if not Please check that this will install cydia app for you,and after click next.The process of jailbreaking will finish in 5-7 minutes.
  5. Once the process is completed you will be back to your home screen,then after that you to again set your device to DFU mode.
  6. Now go back to Start page of RedSn0w,and select Extras ,after that select Just Boot ,this will a tethered boot.After the boot process you will see Cydia app installed.
  7. Finished jailbreaking iPhone 5  check version in settings.
So these were the steps to jailbreak iPhone 5 remember we are not Responsible for if any Damage caused to your device while jailbreak process.

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