Steps to Jailbreak iPhone 5

Steps to Jailbreak iPhone 5

So finally iPhone 5 jailbreak is here after so much wait but now your wait is over,By following these easy Steps you can jailbreak your iPhone 5 running iOS6.

Note :We are not responsible for any Damage caused .

Download the tool from here

Jailbreak iPhone 5

  1. First of all Download Files for your iPhone 5 from above list.
  2. Set your Apple iPhone 5 to DFU mode by Holding  Home+Power for 10 seconds, release Power but still holding Home for more 10 seconds. The screen should remain black.
  3. Open the RedSn0w 0.9.15b1 which is included in downloaded files.
  4. Now click jailbreak .Some items will load, after that you will see “Please Select Your Options”.Ensure that install Cydia is checked if not Please check that this will install cydia app for you,and after click next.The process of jailbreaking will finish in 5-7 minutes.
  5. Once the process is completed you will be back to your home screen,then after that you to again set your device to DFU mode.
  6. Now go back to Start page of RedSn0w,and select Extras ,after that select Just Boot ,this will a tethered boot.After the boot process you will see Cydia app installed.
  7. Finished jailbreaking iPhone 5  check version in settings.
So these were the steps to jailbreak iPhone 5 remember we are not Responsible for if any Damage caused to your device while jailbreak process.

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